30 June 2008

ChoW #116 The Host

Here I again tried a different approach.

ChoW #107 Steampunk Penguin Professor

This one had been my biggest success in the ChoW competition so far. It came second which was a major suprise to me. Before this I was hardly ever in the races. So I hope this signals a turning point for myself. The technique I used was less 'tight' as I would normally do. This one was taken more as experimenting, but it really payed off. Someone got in contact about the availability of the image to use for his company but they never got back to me when I said that its not for free!

Grad Film Pitch

When you reach the end of the second year of my course you get the chance to pitch an idea for a potential graduate animated film that you will work on next year if you get picked. The pitching takes place infront of the whole course with a voting system that happens at the end of the week when everyone has pitched. Fortunately I did go through, but now I will have to make the thing! But I will be doing so with a talented crew beside me which gives me hope:) Above are a few of the character designs I did for the pitch.

This is the animatic I showed during the pitch. It took a lot of effort to draw all the panels and for some reason I rather enjoyed staying up at crazy o'clock working on them.

This is the latest version of the animatic. Though since the time I made this one, there has been a few changes to it. Some shots were unnecessary and just added more time on an already ambitious task. I hope the finished film will not fail to deliver what it promises. We'll see in a years time!

ChoW #111 Children Book Character Design

It was in the middle of the run up for my pitch for a potential grad film but I couldnt resist having another pop at another ChoW. This time the brief was less on finished illustration but more kinda like a model sheet. The brief synopsis of the characters and story was given and we had to simply design them. Yep.

More Digital Love

A personal piece. Robots are fun to paint!

This one is a collaboration between me and my friend, Dan Burgess. We both have a strong interest in digital painting and concept art so we have been planning to join forces for some time. Anyway, he did the pencil drawing for me to paint. Very fun experience.

This was an old ChoW entry that I repainted. Looking back at old work I usually see mistakes and areas I should have done better in. So one time I actually thought I'd correct some of those mistakes.

ChoW #99 Herald of the Queen

An activity on conceptart.org that enjoy taking part in is the Character of the Week competition. I wont bother to show ou any previous entries Ive done, they suck! So heres number 99. It sucks! Haha!

29 June 2008


Another old piece. It was a more serious take on the grad film I worked on last year.

28 June 2008

Matte Painting

One night I felt the urge to try a bit of matte painting. So I dived in. I found that you really need to build up our library of resorces for this. A lot of times I found the perspective of different photos were... well... different! So compiling them together and creating one image out of them proved tricky. Good fun though :)


These are a sample of the backgrounds I painted for a grad film. During the second year you get the chance to work on a third years graduate film and be a part of the production team. Its a valuable learning experience before you make the jump to the final year. The linedrawings of the painted work are done by another team member.


Various sketches on location. From the Annecy animation festival to the Body World exhibition in Manchester. Drawing from life is a great way for me to relax and refresh my skills at the same time. I enjoy drawing with friends and other artists, its so inspiring to be amongst other creative people.

A Blast From the Past

A load of old stuff. Cant wait for these to be forgotten.

Life Drawings Again

Some more life drawings I did from my second year. These are the ones worth showing anyway. Need to improve!!!!

Life Drawings

Life drawing!!!!! Fun times. Something about drawing with other people from my class gets me pumped up and excited about drawing. Anyway, these are old stuff. I hope I can deliver some better quality work in future.

A New Era

Time for a change. A new start to the blog should encourage me to step up the gears to the next level. Its time to get serious!!!
Im about to enter my third and final year of my Animation Production course at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. This year promises to be my biggest challenge up to date. I will be working with some of my colleagues on a graduate animation film, and thats no easy task. However I promise that I will give this my best shot.