27 March 2014


Sort of a redesign of Godzilla that's a far step away from the original. The idea came to me whilst on a tube commute.

20 March 2014

18 March 2014

Guyver Sketch

Yarp. I was a Guyver fan as a kid

11 March 2014


Today's lunch sketch

10 March 2014

Soul Taker

So here is a repaint of an old old painting I did back in the days of ConceptArt.Org. The original character design was for a Character of the Week (ChoW) briefing: Soul Devourer. This repaint came about when I took a trip down cringe alley and looked at my old gallery and being shocked how bad some of these actually were. There were so many areas to correct that I couldn't resist revising this one. 7 years in the making!

7 March 2014


wip wip wip wip wip