19 January 2009

C'est Ouf!!!

My latest CHOW piece for CA.org. The topic was the Cheshire Cat. I wanted to depict a sinister cat that retained the quirkiness and somewhat twisted nature of Wonderland. Initially my thumbnails looked to much confined to a standard cat design. So I came to a decision that it was pointless for me to design a character this way and tried to lower the boundaries a bit. Because the world of Wonderland is a bit weird and nonsensical I thought this allowed me the license to add random elements to it that might make it more unique.
Some people also thought this cat looks like me! I guess Im a bit of a weirdo too, so its nice to have a part of my personality expressed in this painting. We have some new French exchange students over at the AIB animation course, and it didnt take them long before they realized Im crazy :P That is why they keep saying I am 'ouf!'

Oh, and someone thought the over the top rim-light is erm.... a bit over the top! I had a feeling it was too, but couldnt help throw it on. I think I'll need to work on this area more in future. Lifes a bit boring if you got nothing to improve huh? :P

And..... Get Well Soon 'Cat of Sound' Chadeisson!