27 October 2011

Current WIP

Been working on this on and off but I thought I'd show what I have been doing since it has been a while since I finished any of my personal pieces.

14 October 2011


Another grad film remake. This time its Favelados which I worked on during my first year of university. Ah memories :)

12 October 2011

Barry and Ice-bots

Some characters to go with the van in the previous post. Redesigned from my freind's film Barry's Ices.

Barry's Ices

Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I've been away and haven't updated in ages. I have been moving house and also been slacking a bit too I have to admit. But lets try this again shall we?

Here is something for the AIB Jumble blog. It is my take on my friend's grad film "Barry's Ices" as the topic is to return to our old grad films. But I have already done a number of versions of my grad film and have looked into those themes a lot already that I want to leave it for a bit and do something different.

Oh, and a few work news.... Check out this new trailer for the Puss In Boots game that Blitz Games have been cooking up. It looks good!

Also on November, my first game will be published in the shape of Michael Phelps: Push the Limit. But the big exciting news Im afraid I cant say :( You will have to wait till this time next year...