20 June 2009


Today we finished the film!!!!!!!!!!!! Well.... we finished all the animation, colouring, compositing etc... just need to put them together and with the credits and thats it. But the actual work is all done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The film is on the AIB exhibition but you will have to wait a while (a year or two) before it can go online. Maybe a trailer is in order? Anyway, these are our exhibit posters decorated with the work produced by my wonderous team members and photos of the crew!
Its been a tough road, lots of work, lots of fun, lots of highs and lots of lows (sometimes :P) but I am thrilled we pulled through together in the end. I could not have done this film without my hard working teammates and they have helped to keep the enthusiasm, standard and workrate high throughout the year. I wish you all good luck with your future projects!

EDIT: I just realized this is an old version of the posters, I'll need to get the updated images off the school computers!

5 June 2009


This week, my work appeared in ImagineFX magazine. It is a really nice digital painting and cg magazine and I ws very excited to hear my work was accepted for the reader's gallery. Its been a week of good news mixed with hardship as me and my crew try to finish off the film. We are all tired now and in need of a well earned rest :P But Im hoping that my rest wouldn't be for too long...