29 September 2008

The Start of Something Big

Today is the first day of uni (officially)!!!!!!!!!!! Final year! Big excitement! Big questions, how will they be answered? Today, let me celebrate the beginning of this grand adventure of creating a short animated film with this painting of the opening shot of the film. I wonder how would look back at this in a year's time...

24 September 2008

Backgrounds for My Grad Film

University hasnt started yet but Im trying to get ahead with the layouts since it looks like Im on my own on this task. This is going to be one big year! Lets hope Im still standing by the end of it...

14 September 2008

Colourkeys For Grad Film

Monstrous year ahead of me. I may have shot myself in the foot with this ambitious grad film. Ive planned 41 backgrounds to be drawn and painted. And theres the dreaded dissertation on top of that! And theres plenty of other things for me to worry about... But Hey! Bring it on!!!!!!!!

Face Sketch

Heres a painting Ive done today. Got a bit bored of working on the layouts for my grad film so took a break painting something else. Photo referanced but I deliberately didnt allow it to dictate what the painting should be. Pretty fun stuff maybe there will be more of these stuff in future?
Oh, and uni is about to resume. Im quite excited!!!!!!!!!!
(Oh, and Liverpool beat Man United today... my throat's a lil soar still from my wild celebrations :))

Heres a sketch I did a while ago and forgot about.