31 May 2011

Dust City

Some more speedpainting. Ive been working on a few speedpaints lately but some of them I think I managed to either overwork or jumped in without any idea of what I want to do which meant it turned out below what I wanted. But these crap pieces were essential in reminding myself to not over complicate things and this turned out better because of that lil lesson. More to come :)

29 May 2011

Speedy Speed Boy

Some experimenting with brushes

22 May 2011

Link Rework

Reworked this old piece and added a background to it as well as some rim light diluting :D

21 May 2011


An album cover commissioned by my friend's band Motorcade. Happy listening :)

Oh.... and if you are up for some drawing and socializing with fellow artists from around the country we have organized a sketch meet in Oxford on June 18th. Its a nice and friendly event for professionals, students and enthusiasts alike. Theres been a lot of turn out over the years and a lot of network and friends made so its worth a look in. For more details follow this link.

17 May 2011


A sketch I did this lunch break, worked up a bit more afterwards. More quick ones to follow. Time to step it up!

16 May 2011

Speed Paint Landscape

Heeeellllllllllloooooo folks! Its been a while, had a couple weeks holiday traveling around Hong Kong and China and Im back filled with some inspiration. To make up for my lack of posts here I quickly painted this in one sitting (took about 2 hours). Plans for the future: get more paintings uploaded gawddammit!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!