26 June 2012

Insect World

Since I haven't posted much in a while I went digging through some old work and found this on my hard drive. Really old stuff but strangely I dont hate all of it, so I'll drop it here. Looking back at this, I would have brought the characters closer to the camera so the perspective is more extreme. The boy character could have done with a more natural pose rather than that mechanical walk hes doing. But I do like the colours a bit even though there is no focus.

EDIT: Bah! This looks way better as a thumbnail. Once you zoom in, you can see its shit!

19 June 2012

Pokemon - Dewchops

This is a Dewchops! Dewchops are notable for the giant bubbles they carry on their back, blown out from a single nostril behind their neck. The bubble balloon it blows is essential to its daily life as it aids them in floating along the lake which would otherwise be tough on their tiny limbs. Though generally docile, take caution when one becomes hungry. It eats so much!

Special thanks to Belinda Leung for the card template and to the Clockwork Ballroom for the topic.