29 September 2009

Yi Nok's Tears

Ahoy mateys! Eh, the last portrait turned out crappy so I made another attempt. Its Yi Nok from Hong Gil Dong. She's got a range of crazy expressions that prompted me to draw her. I decided to on a crying one for this session, been wondering if I could pull it off.

EDIT: Made some adjustments. Thanks to everyone who gave useful crits :)

27 September 2009

March of the Dragon (plus tutorial)

Finished version. I will put together a tutorial at some point. Ive saved the progress shots but will have to type up all the goings on... don't feel like that right now :P I thought back to Chinese New Year 2006 for this one. That year I actually got to be part of the dragon dance in Manchester. The thing was heavy would you have though!?!?!?!?!? Some more new ideas I tried out. Like using photo textures as a basis of building up the foundations in the drawing. Made a few brushes for this piece: a fence and a lantern brush, cause painting fences are tiring. However, Daniel-san, you need to paint a fence to improve!

EDIT: Hey folks! I put together a little tutorial of how I made this piece.
Click here for tutorial
I hope that answers a few questions. Lemme know if you have any other questions and I'll try answer them as best I can. Laterzzzzz.... got to draw something before the football takes me away!

25 September 2009

Wip of the Dragon

A work in progress shot. Im gonna finish off the drawing in monochromatic and then we'll add colour to this. A crowd needs to be added and the buildings need to be finished. And maybe more details in certain areas... we'll see... Check back soon!

23 September 2009

Whats Cooking?

I'll tell you whats cooking! More practice that is what! Getting some interior work done, I realize I haven't done much indoor layouts so you can probably expect more to come in that department. Lets keep going!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D::D

Pale Moon Behind Dark Clouds

Painted the drawing. Tried doing this in Painter with the palette knife for a lil change, had to go back to Photoshop later to clean it up and of course use a few filters as a finishing touch (smart sharpen and noise)! Might like to revisit this character in future. I like her character as this cool, cold, viscious killer completely devoted to her master's teachings and martial arts. However she had sworn a strange oaf that forced her to either marry or kill any man that ever sees her face, if she broke this oaf her master would take her own life. C'mon thats quite a character! :D

22 September 2009

"Lets Get Crazy!!!"

Taking a step back from the digital environments and going back to pencils for as a fun break. Also been doing some small freelance work that hopefully the client will like. Recently been watching the Bobby Chiu live stream and Whoaaaa!!!!! I really admire the guy! Very motivating and inspiring to help the up and coming artists and encourage people to keep up the intensity and passion for doing what we do. Im trying to do more work and get into more good habits and get more intensity into my work. Time to put in the hours and bleed for what I reeeeaaaallly want! Sooo Thanks You Bobby Chiu!!!!!! Im quite ill at the moment but thats not gonna stop me now :D:D:D
Anyway... got myself a new sketchbook yesterday. A new sketchbook - a new start! No more fooking around, do some intense work and work doubley hard till I get my goal! Dont let crud work get me too down now, I just got to get these crap work over and through with before I get to the next level! Anyway back to the drawings... been neglecting drawing and the subjects Im interested in to work on things that are more popular in the industry, so now Im taking time to do something for myself. Ive been reading a book by Jin Yong (Demi Gods and Semi Devils). Its a classic Wuxia story thats been translated from Chinese to English but then I found the translation isnt finished and had to stop!!!!! AGHHHHH!!!! But the first drawing is of the character Mu Wanqing who I thought was a great charcter :D The other drawings are from the Korean series Hong Gil Dong that Im currently watching and enjoying!!!! More to come sooon!

18 September 2009


Just posting some screenshots of my grad film. Enjoy!

17 September 2009

Dragon Falls

I guess its finished. I might rework some parts... we'll see. Anyway here you go! Some new ideas and techniques here. Ive been feeling for a while... that the jpeg compression is bad!!!!!!!! Ive been looking up how to reduce the loss of quality but Im not getting much luck. Oh well, I think you are always bound to lose something converting psd into jpeg. Hmmm... thinking of what to do next... maybe an interior... or a character as a break from all the enviros... or theres the Art-Actuate brief that I haven't touched yet...

16 September 2009

Coming Soon

Aha! Well I just wanted a lil update on whats going on. I did mention previously that I was going to work on another environment but didnt actually start till yesterday. Reason being that I got a few video tutorials I started to watch. One on light behaviors and the other on environment painting. After watching them I had a bit of an epiphany!!!! Gained a few knowledge that Ive been working without that I could really have done with through the years... Soooo learn about these foundation stuff (well dunno if its foundation stuff but yar). And watching the other video, I got to see how a speedpaint process went from start to finish. This one was more learning techniques than painting principles in the other video. Both were very good tutorials imo and so here I am trying to put a bit of what I learned to practice. Still work in progress. :P Still noodling around with details.
Ooooo and I love Coral Painter again!!!!!! I neglected it since I started Photoshop many years ago but recently have been annoyed by the generic round brush and wanted something more textural and random but still have a degree of control. Tried a lot of Photoshop settings but couldnt get what I was looking for until I went back into Painter for a bit of experimenting! Check back soon for the finished version!

8 September 2009


Another study of Jaime Jone!


Study of a piece from Dave Rapoza. I was urged to do this one when I saw the original image and thought there were some interesting lighting that I wanted to understand more.
There will be an original environment piece coming soon. Im thinking of something for it at the moment.

7 September 2009


Another speedpaint attempt. Just need to get a lot under my belt :D Oh and today I received my copy of the animation film showreel!!!! Though this I believe is a beta version cause I think we are still waiting for a few more films. Anyhoooo this is the umphteenth time Ive seen my film and its charm is probably running out. I just see the mistakes now grrrrrrrr...

5 September 2009


Must not underestimate and neglect the studies! Looking at the work of Jaime Jones, cried a bit (aghhhhhh) and then tried a study of his work. Looked at some Craig Mullins tutorials that gave me some ideas. Sometimes his initial stages look a bit crude but he has the confidence that it will work out well in the end, sometimes the ugly looking beginnings puts me off some speedpaints I try to do so I probably just have to see it through to the end before I see the results. :D

4 September 2009

The Road Goes Ever On And On

I reworked the last speedpaint I did. Recently I was a bit impatient and tired of the quality of my work.... soooo no more fooking around and more improved work is long due. Lets a go!!!!

3 September 2009


Reworked the last layout. Had to change the style somewhat.

1 September 2009


Something my professor, Peter Parr, asked me to do. Its a layout of Chinatown. Got the brief late and so only had two days to create it. More to come so stay tuned :P