18 December 2008

Portrait Practice

Heres a portrait study. My classmate/ housemate decided one night he needed more practice painting portraits and I thought I'd join him to push both of us. This was fairly fun, I think Im learning more and more about rendering flesh which is something I thought was always tricky business.
My grad film is going well at the moment. Listening to rough pieces of the music is exciting for all the team, we are getting some animation done, and the layouts look on target. Everyone looks happy and we're not too stressed out yet :P
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 December 2008

The Way of the Intercepting Lines

The Christmas break is near!!! I almost finished drawing all the line drawings for the film. Just 5 more to go. Progress on these has slowed a bit as I started to put more of a focus on finishing the dissertation which is due in first thing when we return from the holidays. Here are a few samples of the line drawings.
Next year, there will be what ever remaining from the line drawings to finish off as well as the 30 paintings left too. Hopefully with those kept at a manageable rate, I can start working on some side projects. I'll speak about those once something is done about it :D