17 February 2011

Link: Wip #2

A little update on where I am up to. Added some base colours via hard light layer. I prefer using this for base colours over a colour layer and I keep the black and white values pretty low in contrast because these next few steps will shoot them up anyway and you dont want to overkill it. Used a multiply layer and some cool colours to punch out more shadows and did the reverse for the highlights, using hot colours in an overlay layer to pick out lighter areas. A full tutorial will come after the painting is completed.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is out tomorrow... updates might suffer :P

16 February 2011

Link: Wip #1 - He come to town!

A wip of what Ive been working on. I think my previous wip is abandoned again :P But Ive been meaning to continue some of the projects Ive got brewing in my head so now heres something to show for it.

9 February 2011

WIPs from the Void!

I have quite a few work in progress pieces that never see the light of day. Sometimes when Im not feeling motivated about a piece they end up being dumped into a folder with the odd chance that I might someday return to it and continue painting it or even take a new direction. Here is an example Im working on. The left image is something I cooked up a couple months ago but lost interest in. For some reason I thought back to it and looking at it now I see the flat on perspective wasnt grabbing me as well as the blank background. That leads me to take on a new direction you see on the right. Still very much a wip so lets see where we get to next...


A few studies. Anatomy sketches after Michael Hampton and some expression studies after Jin Kim. Btw if you havent seen Tangled yet I strongly suggest you go right NOW! Loved the film, it felt like a good old Disney animation which is long overdue. Go animation!!!!! Great to see another Pixar film nominated for Best Picture award at the Oscars too. Looks like people are taking the medium seriously now and not just exclusively for children.

3 February 2011


Happy New Year!