27 November 2009


Wasn't too happy with the last one so I repainted it. Hmmmmmm Still not too happy but I think its easier to just start again next time. Think I learned quite a bit off this. Gotta keep remembering to stop making things blurry, I somehow get my distances looking that way. Must get some more decisive strokes in there and what happened to my lighting?!?!?!?
In other news... I am going to be a concept artist for real now! Im excited and pumped up for it. I want to develop more and more!!!! No way do I want to stand still!!!!!! This is realizing part of a childhood ambition. I remember years ago when I first picked up a Wacom tablet and saw the artwork by professionals. I could not imagine myself painting digitally and felt really dwarved by the other artists around. I still do! I just got to keep trying to improve and one day I will get there!
Also I want to thank the following people for helping me out, advising me and being a great support just because they are great people:
Mark Tompkins, Tori Davis, Tim Holleyman, Ben Newman, Jon McCoy, Kan Muftic, Adam Clark, Andrew Ley.... and for inspiring me: Bobby Chiu!

25 November 2009

Snowy Pass

Something I was asked to do. Was painted in gray then with colour over the top. I'll need to get some less blurry edges in there in the future. Anyway... stay tuned! I have an announcement to make soon...
Oh and Ive also added a few links to the side for a selection of some of my favorite artists if you are interested in viewing them.

21 November 2009

Maid for the AIB!

Heres something for the AIB art blog. Yes its final here! A blog for the AIB family to hang out! Heres this week's theme: French Girls.
Check out the rest of the activity here: Link!

17 November 2009

Post # 100 = A tutorial

Heres a quick tutorial on the technique I used to make the buildings in my painting lately. Ive been painting without any tricks or shortcuts for a long time but Ive started to try a few different things which is a big help. So try experimenting with the program and it will add to your arsenal of different ways to paint.
With step 6 my general philosophy about designing environments is to break up the regular shapes by overlapping shapes which also helps with depth and the illusion of 3d space. A scene like a city or street is tough in that way because buildings are quite a mechanical shape and sometimes very regular so to make it interesting I try to cut into the shapes and pull more shapes out of it (like you are sculpting into it). This way that regular shape looks more complex and less like a box shape and more like a building. Thats what I try to do anyway, hope you can take something out of that. :D

15 November 2009

WtV - Guardians

Another piece from my personal project. The two characters here are defending each other from an unseen enemy. Though one of them seems to have taken more of the blow :P
Originally I wanted to paint something a bit gory and then I decided to set it in my personal world. So thats 2 birds with 1 painting!

14 November 2009

Kung Fu Romance Site

This was what Ive been working on. Took a bit of time to get everybody's work together but I think its all done now! Of course the film isnt on there yet :P

Kung Fu Romance


Wips! You may notice a very similar composition in these two. It cause they started out as paint overs and doodling on top of the same base. Dunno if they make much sense yet...

12 November 2009

WtV - Mother

This is a character from my own imaginary universe. The idea was started by a nightmare I had back in 2006. This character didn't appear in the dream, actually she's a recent addition into the idea but is quite an important figure and so merit the honor of first character to be visualized. She is an evolved half human conscious being. The rest of her profile is top secret :P

Tech Designs

11 November 2009


Under construction...

Urban Skies

Wow! An update?!?!?!? Yeah I know... long overdue... so here you go! This was born mainly from a technique I wanted to try. After looking at other artworks by other digital artists and trying to analyze how they did what they did gave me some ideas of what technique they might have used. I saw one painting of a building which looks like it was painted with it's windows masked out which was what I tried with this one. I made a custom brush as a stamp that masked out a building with windows cut out of it, and locking the transparency allowed me to mask it while working on the windows underneath that layer. Then you can duplicate the building mask and set it to multiply and offset it a little to create the shadows/ undersides! Yep, Im trying to learn more shortcuts :P

7 November 2009

Kung Fu Romance Online

Hey everyone! I'll get back to updating properly when I can. Just wanted to let people know that you can probably watch my grad film 'Kung Fu Romance' online temporarily as it is in an online festival right now. Follow the link below to view the film let me know what you think of it :D


Note: You will need to register with the site to view any of the films there.

Hmmmm... you know Ive been thinking of creating more artwork from the KFR world so you can expect more of that!

3 November 2009

Twin Horror

I forgot about these. Some quick sketches for the Halloween idea.

2 November 2009

Self Portrait Day

Well... yesterday was International Self Portrait Day according to the ppl at ConceptArt.Org. This was my attempt. Ach! I dont think it turned out well but I'll show you my failures too. It takes many failures to be successful so Im trying not to be afraid or embarassed by them :P