31 October 2009

Within the Vessel

.:A lanosrep tcejorp morf eht dnim taht thguorb uoy gnuk uf ecnamor. A dlrow taht sah neeb ni tnempoleved ecnis 6002. Erad uoy kool dna revocsid tahw si nihtiw eht lessev:.

Halloween Project

Part of a project Ive been working on... Ive joined forces with a few artists and one thing we've been working on is a few characters for Halloween! At the top you can see the different contributions and my character complete with sketches and some progression shots. We'll try get more for you in future too so stay tuned :)
Check out the group's work here!

HELLoween Special!

When the graveyards are filled and
there is a big waiting list for
accomodation in Hell. The Prince of
Darkness devised a gruesome scheme
to release some of the unwanted back
into the human world for Halloween.
To save space, a number of the dead
were bunched up together to form one.
Confusedly born into the world again
this chap can harldy understand how
to walk which makes crossing roads
an especially dangerous thing when
it would trips over again and struggle
to hurl itselves back up. So it just lies
there waiting to be road kill
and another its trip back to Hell!

30 October 2009

Vidaelusmatrys Linework

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Some crazy stuff been happening! I felt a bit of strain in my shoulders so I took a bit of time off from the painting scenes. This gave me time to think about some of the personal projects I have been sitting on for ages and Ive been thinking of picking them up a bit more. This is where this drawing comes from. Its a character from a world I invented based on a nightmare I once had back in 2005 or 2006. This is one of the main characters from the idea, though I dont know who's side shes on yet :P
Also.... in football news... We beat our fierce rivals again! Great times! Check back soon, I might have something great to share...

25 October 2009

Welcome to the End

Whhaaaa! Sorry for going all fanboy on you all :P But after watching the new Evangelion movie I felt inspired to paint something.
But afterwards I was surprised to find a still from the film that looked a lot like my painting. I took a screenshot for you!
EDIT: Sorry... that was a joke that most people didnt get :P

23 October 2009

Unfinished Trio

Some work in progress stuff. First one is gonna be an illustration inspired by Evangelion. I watched a bit of the new movie and was floored by the quality of the animation! Awesome stuff! It started off as a poor composition, by the time I realised it was boring I already spent a bit of time on it. But when its not working it wasn't worth me working on it so I started over again and it was soooo worth it. Compared to the first one, this is much more exciting and closer to what I wanted from the start.
The second is a landscape sketch that I hope to take pass my other enviros.
Lastly, we have a ship Im working on. The design actually came to me in a dream back in 2006. It had some wierd parts to it which I hope to make more apparent.

22 October 2009

Study and... a blast from the past!

Another study after Marta Dahlig. I think I learned something from it. Its hard for me to say at this point in time, usually it takes a while to sink in but I feel I picked something up, you'll probably see the rewards later rather than sooner :P I'll have to keep it going!
Today I picked up an old sketchbook from 2006. Had a flick through it and feck! Was I really that crap?!?!?! Its strange seeing those old cruddy drawings now as at the time I didnt think they were that bad. But hey! I found encouragement looking back at them. It took 3 or 4 years to get from that stage (when I was super crap) to now being fairly decent. So it looks like 3 or 4 years had some big improvements so the thought of 3 years time from now makes me wonder how far we can go! I sure hope that I look back 3 years from now and cringe :)

20 October 2009


Back to some studies. This one is after Marta Dahlig. I felt I got to work on the rendering of flesh in the hands and body more. Ive painted a few faces so I feel theres a gad between my rendering of heads compares to the rest of the body. Just got to get enough practice of that to help.
And Feck! The football events arent helping :P We're in a losing streak but as you know... form is temporary! We will get past this! C'monnnn!!!!

19 October 2009

Transient Man

Done for a Bobby Chiu art event. The topic was made by El Coro a.k.a Justin Kaufman and it is a homeless warrior related to his Transient series.

18 October 2009

Like a comet!

Big hello to you ppl in Bournemouth watching! This is dedicated to you lot, I know who you are! :P To the ppl that phoned me up at 2am last night, this was what you interrupted me on!

16 October 2009

Land of confusion

I was feeling out of inspiration and idea when I started this but it ended up turning out well! Gah! I think Im getting the hang of this speedpainting thingy (though its easier for these kind of natural environment imo because they're almost abstract).
All the practicing is helping loads!
Special 'Hello' to all the good ppl in Bournemouth too! I know you are watching! :P
And you all know I love you :)

15 October 2009

Random Sketches :P

First one is inspired by Paper Blue (sorry don't know his real name :P)! And some figures from imagination!

14 October 2009

Lets do the Time Warp!

Art Actuate piece! Yay for some sci fi stuff! 'cause Ben need to explore more subjects!

12 October 2009

Experimenting + Sketching + Tutorial = :D

Trying out new things. So here is a sketch I tried a few different techniques on. Mostly photoshoppery! Used an old painting as a basis and build on top of it.

Also.... a little tutorial I made for you good people! I hope people find it useful.
Tutorial Link

11 October 2009

Designs again!

Pretty random update I know :P Spot the little easter egg in the first image! I realized some of the text are flipped when I finished... ahhhhhhh

10 October 2009


Just finished this one. There was another model in front of his leg but I just wanted to study the guy.

More Study!

Studies studies!!!! Finding a lot of inspiration from restarting my conceptart.org sketchbook. Trying to post everyday! So here's a few studies. The last one is an environment Im working on at the moment. Gotta try wake up early tomorrow to keep this up!

9 October 2009

I Suxx0r!

If the recent pictures seem stretches.... well... they are! My screen resolution changed and messed them up I found. So my fellow visual ppl... just squash them vertically in your head :P

7 October 2009

Manchester Town

If ur from Manchester you should know where this is! Well... its based on the area around the town hall but some of the buildings here dont exist in real life!

5 October 2009



Yep yep yep! Its a self portrait. Behold my gloomy portrait expression! "I'm watching you!!!!!!!!"
Actually my first digital self portrait. And my first painted self portrait at that! Pretty fun, might try another sometime. So thats day #2. Also been working on other stuff that I might show later if allowed to. And booooo.... the football result wasn't good for me today :(

4 October 2009

Studies Day #1

Been chatting with Pao and asking him for some advice on me ole work. He identified that lighting is something I can work on and set me a challenge. A lil thing he recommends is to do for two months loads of quick studies from life or photo. So here is day number one... I also have other work that needs doing so this is something alongside other things :)
Big ups to you Mr Pao!!!!!!

3 October 2009


What can I say... its a still life !!!!


One of the pieces for the next Character of the Week (ChoW) contest hosted by ConceptArt.Org.
I am working on some other things that I may put up if I am allowed...