4 February 2012

Drawn 2 Life

A couple of old vector art I found lying around in my computer.

Oxford Sketch Crawl

Recently I went to a sketch trip to Oxford with some of my buddies. I was armed with a new SLR camera that I got for Christmas (or to be precise, I stole from my parents mwahahaha). But I didn't really know how to use a SLR camera until someone later that day explained the basics of aperture and shutter speed to me and how to alter it on my camera. He also borrowed me a photography book too so this could be the start of a new hobby perhaps?!?

Fiddling with my new toy meant I didnt spend much time drawing but when I finally did I was shocked with how out of shape I am in this practice. However I returned the day after to try again. It makes for a good hang over cure! Surprisingly I found myself drawing better than when I was sober. This is all the excuse I need to get madly drunk *raises pint glass* "CHEERS!"