18 February 2013

Being Social

Here are some selection of the art for the social game I am working on right now. The game is called Here Be Monsters and can be found on Facebook.

16 February 2013

Metal Gear: Solid Liquid States

More gaming tshirt designs. As you can see this time it is influenced by Metal Gear Solid.

13 February 2013

Journey On

My buddy Dan Burgess has been doing a lot of great t shirt designs and has talked me into giving it a go myself. Here is Journey tribute design, I was initially unimpressed by the game from the start but 2 hours later I was calling it 'poetry in motion!'

Oh yeah, you can find this t shirt here: Liiiiiiiiiinkkkk!!!
Whilst Im at it here is the link to my store too: Another liiiiiiinnnnkkk!!!

11 February 2013

Vitalize Mech Unit 4

Here is the last of the Vitalize mechs. This one was designed to be the communications mech but in the end the decision was made to merge this one with the light mech (Unit 3). Unfortunately I didn't save myself a copy of the model for this one so all you have is this turnaround of the final in-game model, started by men and finished of by Steve Walker.

8 February 2013

New Dragon Sketch

More dragon art from last night and this lunchtime. I am trying to sculpt the form in a similar way Norman Rockwell does. It has been huge fun to play with the light and form, knocking values back and forth to pop something else forward. The perspective proved to be a fun challenge also. A lot f us are used to seeing things in one certain angle so when it came to drastically shifting the camera I almost didn't know how to draw! Reflecting on this, I can see some knowledge coming through that I picked up from life drawing classes. Moral of the story is not to underestimate your basic exercises :)

Really Old Crappy Shit!

As the title suggests these are really old artwork I found in the attic of my hard drive. To be honest I am a little embarrassed by them at this point but I thought it would be interesting for some to see. Also, showing embarrassing work is a good way to motivate myself to upload more new work to cleanse this page!

3 February 2013

Protect Your Art Career

Stephen Silver talks about working for free/ low pay as an artist. Something to be mindful of especially if you are a recent graduate or still a student. There are people out there trying to take advantage of the inexperienced artists, don't devalue your art.

2 February 2013

Vitalize Mech Unit 3

Mech Unit 03 is a lighter and more mobile unit.