28 August 2009

Modern Man

Continuing to practice and demonstrate a wide variety of subjects for the folio. Focusing on characters and environments and different themes within those. So here's a modern time guy:P

27 August 2009


A work in progress. Giving this one a rest for a bit and working on some others simultaneously.

24 August 2009

Mountain plains

Aha! Used the old painting to start something new.

22 August 2009


Still working on those environments. I'll go back to it later and see where I can take it. More to come, thats a promise!!!!!

21 August 2009

Environment Practice Begins!!!!!

OK, Im going to practice more landscape speed painting. This is an area I want to improve on most. So here is a referenced piece to get me started.

20 August 2009

Orc doodle...

An orc sorcerer! His body is chained to his staff! ooooOOOOoooo

17 August 2009


Sorry to geek out on you! Dunno why I suddenly decided to do this but I haven't done a fan-art thing since I was a tiny toddler! Soooo here u go! Maybe you'll see the other characters sooner or later too!

13 August 2009

Go Banana!

Heh! Im taking part in another ConceptArt.org event. This is the Team Character of the Week #2. Its really actually a month but its usually a week long thing but this is a special event. The subjects are traditional high fantasy themed characters so we're starting off with some sketches first n will be working on a few finished pieces later. So these are some of the sketches that turned out ok. Some didn't and will not see the light of day hahaha! Heres the link if you want to follow the progress of Team Banana!

7 August 2009

Swine Flew!!!!

Hehe, something I did for an art blog with a few friends. The topic is... well... swine flu! Ahahaha Find our lil sketch blog here...