26 May 2009

Grad Film Mock Poster

Heres a mock poster for my grad film. The characters are drawn by team mate Keith Rowsell.

EDIT: Here is the final poster as painted by Rogie C, our super first year man!

15 May 2009

A Dominant Force

My entry to the Dominance War IV art contest. I had fun thumbnailing the idea, the subject matter was a bit tricky at first because it was easy to go crazy and make a messy design. But I tried to play with thesilhouette to come up with some strong shapes. It is also pretty fun to take part of a competition representing a team. I am helping to fly the flag for the CGHub crew. Hope we do well :D
In other news... We are nearing the end of the grad film. Still a lot of work to do which means working from 9am-9pm most weekdays from the third years on the team. I am quite lucky to have such dedicated team members working alongside me. I am also proud of the first years we took on too! They are under no obligation to work for us but they stuck with the team and kept asking for more work no matter how tedious it may be. I cant wait to see the finished film myself. It is looking exciting. Sometimes you may feel a bit of pressure but then there is a lot of reward that comes out of it. There has been hardship the team had to endure but I think we are doing well under such pressure and continuing to work together with enthusiasm and determination. I am very proud of the team!