28 July 2011

Frog Prince WIP3

Some more progress...

25 July 2011

Frog Prince WIP2

I haven't spent much time on this piece since the last update but theres been some changes involved so I thought I would keep this place updated with how this is going. I softened some of the texture of the water and added some lily elements in there to keep the space from being too empty and it also provides some nice colour variation. I can use the lilies to echo the red-ish colours of the girl's garment all over the composition so it doesn't look too odd that she is the only warm colour in the painting. But looking at it now, I think some of the value of the lilies as they drift off into the distance is too strong and dont sit well in the environment. More tinkering on the way then...

24 July 2011


Today's lil painting combining some of the tricks I have learnt recently that makes use of custom shapes, photo textures and the lighten or darken layer blend option. Quick and dirty so you can look forward to more shortly :)

21 July 2011


Again, I have been experimenting some more and from my laboratory I produced this! Last night I read up on Sparth's custom shape technique and was very intrigued by his approach. When I get more comfortable with it I will talk more in detail about this approach.

Oh and I am again tempted to render this out a bit more :P We will see if I get round to it or start something new...

20 July 2011


I haven't drawn a robot in a while so why not give it a go? I think I will work into this one some more but for now... have a good night everybody XD

EDIT: Some colours added...

17 July 2011

Street Punk

I like to keep experimenting with a new approach to my artwork and they often yield some decent results that you can keep in your arsenal. Here I had an idea to mix more photo textures in the process. This is the more generic design that I will use as a base for other iterations which I will show when I get round to it :) I would have liked to work on this more but was away for the weekend just when I was feeling creative hehe.

15 July 2011


I like anatomy, you like anatomy, we all like anatomy... (studies from photo and books)

14 July 2011

Frog Prince WIP1

Work in progress shot of a painting I am working on for the Bobby Chiu and CGHub contest where the brief is to retell a fairytale with a new spin. I thought about which fable to go with for some time and decided on the frog prince story, reasons being it offered interaction between multiple characters and a mix of human and creature designs. I know I have done ancient asia themed pieces a number of times before but I jumped on the idea when I thought of showing the prince as an overgrown Chinese money frog. More steps to follow and some earlier phases maybe...

13 July 2011

Er... Onimitsu again, everybody!

Ok ok so there were some problems that stood out to me, I just cant leave these things alone sometimes :P Most noticeably the background changed because the character was getting lost in it, there was too much detail and the values clashed with the figure. here I tried adding more depth, dropped in some textures before painting over them again.

Lunch Time!

Ah I might as well post this too... something cooked up during lunch. Was referencing a photo of a road loosely and used some photo bushes for textures.

12 July 2011


Hey folks! Well its been on hold and kept in storage for such a long time but I dug the old Yoshimitsu redesign painting I left unfinished and attacked it with a brush! I think I learned a few things from this piece, it was good to move away from this painting for a while and come back with eyes and mind refreshed.

3 July 2011


Welcome to my room... ok I made that up! I have been experimenting a bit here with incorporating photos into my work and also keep the painted elements on a par with the detail level. Enjoy the rest of the day :D