29 August 2011

Matte Painteeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Some updates from the matte painting front.

3D renders

Some renders I forgot to upload. Old models I made a few weeks ago but with some new renderings using VRay.

Oh and a little bit of news for you... I will be featured in Ballistic Publishing's next book Exotique 7. So keep an eye out for it's release hehe /PLUG

16 August 2011

Sculptris Doodles

Here is a head sculpt I did in Sculptris that I then took into Photoshop to render up. You can probably see some difference in proportion when it gets painted. I will need to be more precise with the tools in Sculptris but that will come over time with experience I am sure :)


Enemy bio-mechanical weapon! I enjoyed playing around with these big shapes to construct a pleasing silhouette. The aim here was to make a design that felt new and try veer away from a generic sci-fi look.

11 August 2011

Spider Submarine

More SketchUp fun!

9 August 2011

Matte Painting

Something I haven't posted a lot of is matte painting. I have done my fair share of photo manipulation at work when we pitch games that utilizes photos. So here you go with some matte painting XD

8 August 2011

"I hate humans"

I have been in quite an experimental mood of late playing with SketchUp, custom tools and alpha channels and now I decided to go back to some weird abstract paintings.

7 August 2011

Tank Paintover

From the SketchUp model we get a paintover! The model was rendered out as linework and then as a multiply layer in Photoshop. The rest is simply a paint job.

SketchUp Tank

I have been looking into SketchUp more recently and thinking of how I can utilize this software in my concept work. I modeled these with reference to a model I downloaded, broke down and reverse engineered. After I saw what components made up the tank I had a go at constructing one myself. Later on I will do a painting from the SketchUp model and guide you through the process.

3 August 2011

The Frog Prince

It is complete :) There was a lot of change in direction when I was trying to balance details with space. I started out painting the water and got some nice details down but then after a while I thought it was fighting with the figure for attention and ultimately repainted most of background. Recently I have been experimenting with different techniques and am pretty excited about them. I have been trying to incorporate custom shapes into my work more and I also have some new discoveries in SketchUp. I will post more about them later.