15 August 2008

A Journey to the East

Inspired by a recent trip to Hong Kong and China. I tried out some new ideas here. I dont use adjustment layers much but thought it would help here and the experimentations helped me to discover some new things. Whoop Whoop!


Alexander Ward said...

awww thanks ben lol.

The real stuff starts now now tough :S

Good luck with your film, I shall be visiting Dennis next year on his masters course and will surely check out aib stuff too.

kayvondarabi-fard said...

Really nice!, keep the landscapes coming! I can see faces in the first and second rock faces (Profile, and aged man wincing) in the front row...Intentional?-

I'd love to see your sketchbook work from China and Hong Kong, Get them up!!!

the next year awaits!

Take care Ben!


Ben Ho said...

Huh? I cant see them, but theyre not intentional. You'll have to point them out to me when we get back to class. Unfortunately Mr Durabi I didnt go sketching in Hong Kong. I was with family all the time. But we should go drawing when we're back in Bournemo!