8 December 2008

The Way of the Intercepting Lines

The Christmas break is near!!! I almost finished drawing all the line drawings for the film. Just 5 more to go. Progress on these has slowed a bit as I started to put more of a focus on finishing the dissertation which is due in first thing when we return from the holidays. Here are a few samples of the line drawings.
Next year, there will be what ever remaining from the line drawings to finish off as well as the 30 paintings left too. Hopefully with those kept at a manageable rate, I can start working on some side projects. I'll speak about those once something is done about it :D


Michael Gardiner said...

hey Ben, this is mike from second year. I particuarly like the 3rd and 4th set of line drawings you've done. I also like the top left drawing in the first set of backgrounds. I think that some of them could be pushed further, in terms of detail.

This is just a personal preference but i would like to see some different camera angles to. Perhaps more of a higher camera point or even a complete worms eye view. But generally they look pretty good though.
I started up a blog in the summer. The address is http://michaeljamesgardiner.blogspot.com if you get time to check it out.

Ben Ho said...

Hey Mike! Havent spoke to you in a while. All busy and hectic in production life huh?
Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a peek at what youve been up to too. Always good to see what my colleagues are up to :D

Michael Gardiner said...

Hey, Ive got some work i'm happy with for the drawing unit which i will probally post up soon. just life drawing and also concept stuff too. i will let u know when ive posted it up. just busy at the moment tho, with all the units.

Leo said...

You're gonna have time for side projects?!? you are a machine Ben! Leo xoxo

Ben Ho said...

I hope so :D Unless something big changes the film!