25 April 2009

Layout Keys

Here are all the layouts put together.


L ROSSI said...

hey ben!

just wanted to say everything's looking great - you're doing an amazing job! Tori's been keeping me up to date with all your stuff.

Good luck with the rest


Ben Ho said...

Hey Laurent! Good to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well, any chance of catching you at Annecy? I cant wait to show u guys the film, getting into these final stages makes it the efforts rewarding!

Michael Gardiner said...

looking good ben

Timmy H said...

Looks great Ben, I'm really looking forward to seeing the final film. Will be down on the 5th so will see you then.


Sm@rkata said...

Hi Ben :)
I'm Sophie (from Belgium), and I'm following your blog since a long time^^ I like your work very much!
I'll probably be studying at AIB next year.
I also look forward to seeing your grad film :D
Well then, i wish you good luck.. for everything!!

Ben Ho said...

Thanks Sophie! Glad to hear someone have been sticking around here :) Are you going to do the animation course here at the AIB? Its near the crunch time for the grad films as we all try to finish the film so it gets busy busy :D I sure hope you enjoy the film when its done :D