17 November 2010

Some Naked People (and some naked people with clothes)!

Well I havent scanned pages from my sketchbook in a while so heres a lil update on whats been going on there. These are pages from my doodling sketchbook (where I put studies and idea sketches, havent tried an actual drawing in a while). I thought it would be interesting to see, I dont always try to make a pretty picture, the aim is to study and learn so you might find a lot of unfinished sketches or where I just isolate an arm I am interested in. If you see upside down drawings that is because I dont like drawing close the the edge of the page with the ring binds on my right hand side.

Some life drawings from my life drawing sketchbook. My goals in life drawing changes, I always try to make the most of my classes and learn something new so I often come in to class with a slight plan. For example, since Im a concept artist and I often have to reconstruct the figure from my imagination, sometimes in life class I might try to look at the model fewer times and look at my drawing more. Or I might stay on the construction of the figure throughout the pose as its a weakness of mine. Sometimes I might just draw one part of the figure I want to study, if there is an angle of the head or if the arm is raised in a position that I am not too familiar with and havent seen many times before then I'll just draw that over and over (especially if the rest of the pose is ordinary, screw always trying to complete a drawing, this is what I call studying). Buuuut having said all that I have just selected the drawings that is more refined lol :P
One time it was a suggested theme to draw with out left hand. Bah! Im not a great fan of that, I understand that it helps you to properly observe instead of guessing but I prefer to measure with plum lines. That is imagining a vertical (or horizontal) line across the angle you are observing, use that imagined right angle to 'flatten' the form when you observe. Decide what that angle and line is before committing it to paper. Then check it again on the model and adjust if necessary. Be comparative with different elements of the body and how they relate positionally to each other. This should be initially laid in the construction (gestural) stage and then when you come to build on the gestures, use measured angles to add in structure.

Hope that gives a lil insight into how I treat life classes and my idea of the difference between drawing and sketching.

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