7 November 2011


Today I have been off sick... damn rainy days during Bonfire night! But I tried to keep myself productive and entertained whilst on the mend. Again I have been experimenting with a different style. I have been surrounding myself with concept art and digital paintings that I have slightly gone tired of the same techniques and subjects, or I just need to take a break and refresh myself. That led me to looking into other creative avenues for my art. I have been looking into illustrations more these days and recently the work of McBess has had an impact on me. You can probably see his influence in this piece. There is something pleasing about these character's proportions and wavy limbs. They borrow a look from rubber hose animation but add something different to it that makes it a little bit eerie. Coupling our nostalgia for old cartoons with surrealism sure does make a juxtaposition that sticks with us. McBess' evolved rubber hose animation style is one reason why I think artist studies are useful. You copy someone else's style, take whats useful and discard what is not and make it your own.
Oh and I just want to dedicate this piece to my buddy Luis Migel who is all the way in Portugal far from his art buddies but is still keeping up his practices and kicking ass! Thanks for kicking me up the ass too and pestering me to post something. It worked \m/
Annnd in other news... I have been selected into my forth Ballistic Publishing book. This time I will be in the d'Artiste book series. This volume is 'fashion design' which will feature that painting I did with the lady dressed like a bird. If I was allowed to design clothes for people to wear thats what Id do :P


Ems said...

McBess rockes! and artist studies too, I should do more of those. this ones really nice.
congrats on the Ballistic Publishing!

Callum Strachan said...

Just realised I met this guy in Shoreditch one night. I like your take on the style... Not spoken to you for ages, hope you're well Ho.

Ben Ho said...

Hey Calster! Yeah he was one of Harry's boss back at the Mill. It has been a while my friend. We NEED to hook up again. You gonna be in Manchester for Xmas?

Michael Gardiner said...

Well done on Ballistic Publishing dude! That's quite the accomplishment. Hope your keeping well.

SirOiLaS said...

Hey Ben! I don't kick your ass if you don t draw man. I'll just touch it tenderly :D There's dragons here man, you have to come and visit me so we can draw them together. Rock On!