29 March 2012

Epic Mickey 2

Hello folks! Its been a long time coming and a lot of fans of the first game probably suspected this was in the pipeline and it was just announced the other day so I guess I can let you all in the secret. I have been working on Epic Mickey 2! Im very excited for it to come out and wish I can talk more about it and my involvement but Im probably not allowed to just yet.
However I do want to say I loved working on it. I got to watch Disney cartoons for 'research' after all... during working hours! Like many people Im sure, I was a big fan of Disney cartoons as a kid, always shouting for "Disney Wuuuuuurld!!!" whenever my parents asked for my idea for our next family holiday. Even into highschool I still had a secret fondness for the little mouse even when at that age it would probably be considered uncool. When I went to animation school and surrounded myself in the medium I was right back to loving Disney animation again and I feel like I've come full circle now working on a Mickey Mouse project. Sometimes I wonder how the younger me would react if he heard about this.


L ROSSI said...

:D Awesome! Dreams do come true huh!
Hope all's well!

D.Shawnte said...

Wow that is really awesome! You are working on a new Micky game? Congratulations! This is something that many of us could only dream of :D!