4 April 2012

Mass Effect Style Alien: Colour Tests

Continuing from the previous post, I paint further into the chosen drawing, destroying the lines and replacing them with varying tones to add forms that were absent before. This grayscale image would be used as the basis to produce quick colour sketches to generate ideas for a direction. The colours were all done on a 'hard light' blend layer.

At this point I found the frame around the forehead draws too much attention (almost like how you might be drawn to stare at somebody's bold patch) which is why I decided to keep the colouration close to the plate. I think I will take design #4 forward for being the least cliche (which perhaps makes it feel a bit more alien) and also because there is no other Mass Effect alien character with yellow skin.

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Betty said...

Cool Alien heads ben, haven't visited your blog in a while, some really interesting stuff on here!