27 August 2012

Deep Loot

A commission piece for my friends at Monster and Monster.
This is a promotional artwork for their deep sea diving, treasure hunting adventure game, Deep Loot. You can follow the progress of how the game is developing here, but I will be sure to remind you when it hit the stores.


libra bear said...

Very nice man. So jealous of people who can paint. Hope all is well

L ROSSI said...

Oh wow nice piece!

Ben Ho said...

Cheers guys. Actually to be honest I have been a bit envious of the sketchbook work you guys have been posting on your blogs. I've been meaning to give the ole sketchbook some love.
Wes, we should meet up again sometime!

Badger said...

Looking nice Ben! We should catch up soon?

Ben Ho said...

Badger-man, we do need to catch up. You based in Cambridge these days? Im thinking of organizing another sketch group outing in the coming months. Interested?

Ems said...

daunting! sucks you right in the adventure - very nice :)

Diogo Ferreira said...

Hi Ben,

Your stuff is really good!
Sometimes i come to your blog to get inspiration and became jealous. Sorry about that!

I Hope you all right.
Good drawings and good paintings!

p.s. I added your blog to my recent one.