15 November 2008

Studying the Master

I recently befriended an artist (Pao) who is soon to be on my course as a foreign exchange student from Esag, Paris. When we have time, we try to do some artist studies together. This time looked at Craig Mullins. This one took me 1 hour 20 minutes. Recently Ive been very busy with school work so its been hard to try fit these studies in, but I hope to get more time in to these since I really enjoyed this one and probably gained some new ideas from it:P
The grad film is going well. Soon we can begin animating. The animatic/ storyboard has changed slightly. Mainly the ending. It got some issues according to the tutors and so we came up with another solution which apparently works better.
Collaborating with people of other areas like musicians, editors, sound designer and model makers has been interesting so far. Our little team seems to be growing all the time!


Alexander Ward said...

haha it sure is! Love that show, that was my little gift to them.

rufus said...

atrocious! go back and start again.

NONO. Dude this is amazing........ you should be a fine artist.