23 November 2008

Production Still

Getting into the exciting stage of the production. We are now out of the pre-production stage and into the main production, animating! The trip so far was filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. But overall, the project is looking good and I remembering to how exciting this is! Sometimes you can get too caught up in the work you have to do that you forget to have fun and enjoy this experience.
Well, heres the production still for the film. TJ drew the characters, special thanks to him for his great efforts. The background was fun and took some time actually. One night I stayed up till 5am painting it, dunno why, just felt like it:P


TORI CAT said...

WOW!!! This looks beautiful ben!!! :)
Well done to all the team. Im really looking forward to seeing more.
I'm sad i can keep track on your kung fu romance page. I was enjoying seeing how your all getting on!!!

If you ever want any help or advice, dont hesitate to give us a shout!!

Hope your all ok!!
Keep it up sir!!!

Tori cat.xx

Ben Ho said...

Thanks Tori. Yes, I cant wait to see it too :P I'll give you permission to view the blog. The tutors just wanted to be extra safe about leaking the film out.
Thanks for the support my old master :D