9 February 2011


A few studies. Anatomy sketches after Michael Hampton and some expression studies after Jin Kim. Btw if you havent seen Tangled yet I strongly suggest you go right NOW! Loved the film, it felt like a good old Disney animation which is long overdue. Go animation!!!!! Great to see another Pixar film nominated for Best Picture award at the Oscars too. Looks like people are taking the medium seriously now and not just exclusively for children.


Shane Smith said...

Tangled is awesome, you should check out the artbook too, it's equally brilliant.

I think the sketches you used as reference are actually the work of Jin Kim. He has a very similar style to Glen Keane.

Ben Ho said...

Oops my bad... lets change that. Yes I have the Tangled art book, currently reading it after waiting till Ive seen the film first

Ems said...

indeed! go animation!!! I feel like the quality it's finally going up again