16 February 2011

Link: Wip #1 - He come to town!

A wip of what Ive been working on. I think my previous wip is abandoned again :P But Ive been meaning to continue some of the projects Ive got brewing in my head so now heres something to show for it.


Chris said...

He's not an easy one to go after, having such a defined look. I often wonder how an opposite direction to the style twilight princess took would look. And a different HAT! his hat makes no sense! lol

L ROSSI said...

ooo I like Zelda art! :)
(Is that a chin strap for his hat, or is Link fashioning some stylish facial hair?)
Hope you can find time for all your ideas! We need to see them ALL!

Ben Ho said...

Thanks guys. The style is most likely to fall into a realistic render, I tried to do a saturated coloured, stylized look with the Ganondorf character in an old post but I kept veering back to a more realistic render.
I think my inspirations behind the redesigns are going to be a cross between Zelda and Final Fantasy. The highschool kid in me is feeling like he's in a candy store!
And yeps, that is indeed a strap for the hat. I always wondered how it manages to stay atop his head throughout his journey :P
Have loads of lil projects planned out for a while, just need to execute them now :P