11 August 2011

Spider Submarine

More SketchUp fun!


Tomasino said...

cool Ben. I think you should work on getting rid of the lines in the renders and working into the images more, to make them appear more real and less like a render :)

Michael Gardiner said...

I think that's the problem with sketchup. It is good for quick concepts but ultimately limits you in terms of creating something that is photo realistic unless you work over the top of it in another program. In regard to lighting you have to use other programs in conjunction with it, which is a pain and not very practical. A good way to introduce yourself into 3d though.

Ben Ho said...

Cheers for the feedback guys.
Yups I have been looking into getting a better render out of SketchUp. The tank in the previous post is an example but it could do without the lines still. This one has some Photoshopping involved, not really paint-over work but toying around with effects like the gradient map to get that chrome look. If it was for a client I will render it by hand though.