7 August 2011

SketchUp Tank

I have been looking into SketchUp more recently and thinking of how I can utilize this software in my concept work. I modeled these with reference to a model I downloaded, broke down and reverse engineered. After I saw what components made up the tank I had a go at constructing one myself. Later on I will do a painting from the SketchUp model and guide you through the process.


Danny said...

They look cool Ben, I use Sketch Up sometimes for working out perspective. Did you model these from scratch, the wheels and tracks look impressive.

Ben Ho said...

Yo DBZ, yups I modeled this from scratch but like I mentioned in the post, I reversed engineered a pre-made tank to figure out how its built up and found the tracks were actually easy to build. Its just made of 2 components: a wheel and one segment of the track that you duplicate around a hell of a lot. Then you just put all the pieces together like lego :P