7 January 2013

Monsters Ink Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year I can start blogging my work more frequently. Life is fast and its hard to catch my breathe since I moved to London. I have been contemplating over my work and where I want to take it in future. Maybe you can see that progress in future :) So with the little introduction over lets get into the meat of what this post is about.

This is a project some of my classmates from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth (AIB) thought up. With the Monsters University film only round the corner we thought we would try our hardest to get into the university. But our applications were all rejected since neither of us classed as 'monsters,' not literally anyway. So our master plan was to create our own monsters alter ego and apply again!
After about half a minute's pondering I decided that it would be best to represent myself as this dragon character. Dragon has been one half of my nickname here you know.

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