17 January 2013

Vitalize Mech Unit 1

Here is a concept of a mech tank I designed nearly a year ago for a game called Vitalize that isn't released publicly as of this point. The enemies in the game were giant walking tanks that could be piloted remotely. I started to design the mechs in SketchUp as it proved more convenient to design such a complex structure in three dimensions. You could design your heart out with a pencil but then find that it doesn't work from another angle so 3D meant I was able to design from all sides simultaneously.
Above you can see the Photoshop paintover. The second image is the final in-game model where my SketchUp sculpt has been taken to the next level with more details and textures by Steve Walker. The rest are all renders of my original model.


Callum Strachan said...

sweet model Ben...would be good to see more designs from you in ketchup

Ben Ho said...

Never considered designing in ketchup until now. However there will be more SketchUp models on the way. Real soon.