18 May 2010


A wip for ChoW 200 and a tiny update on the previous landscape.
Last month I made a post where I said that I might have an announcement to make soon (original post). Well now that I got the confirmation I can announce it today.... I have an artwork accepted into Ballistic Publishing's Expose 8! I am very excited, actually today I was wondering if I did get in or not as the last time I heard that I got into the final rounds was ages ago and I was thinking that I didnt progress further. If you are wondering what the image I have in there it is going to be the one that is currently made my banner (the watercolour and photoshop hybrid). You will be able to find it on page 197. It feels surreal to be on the same spread as Andrew Jones :P Expose 8 will be in stores next month.

Ive been to visit my good friend Harry Wormald this weekend to celebrate his new job as a matte painter at SFX giants The Mill. It didnt seem long ago when we were both noobs in our Foundation Art course in 2005. Harry was actually the one who introduced me to digital painting and it scared the crap out of me, I was shockingly bad at it! We were both fresh out of high school but we had big ambitions. I look back at those days fondly because we set our goals then and spent the next few years in pursuit of them. I wanted to be a concept artist and he wanted to be a matte painter. In our foundation degree we were only beginners but we were willing to work and we were ambitious. I dont care what level you are at at the moment, if you consistently work hard and strive to learn and improve then you are on the right path to your goals. Our tutors used to tell us off and discourage us from going after these goals saying that there is no place for them and nothing would amount from it. What do they know eh? ;P

Oh... and turns out the Cintiq isnt the answer to all my problems :P There is annoying little things with the colour that is slightly off my normal monitor that throws me off. However I have a solution! It involves my precious Graphire 4... I can draw with the Cintiq, then use the Graphire to block in colours (on the monitor Im used to) and take it back to the Cintiq to paint!

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