20 April 2010

How to Train Your Watercolours

Im backkkkkk!!!!! My internet at home died for a few days... it may have been a week! It was horrible!!!!!!! But Im back now and have quite a lot to tell. First off, this is a watercolour piece for the AIB Jumble inspired by the film How To Train your Dragon (the film I currently cant stop talking about)! OK... now theres a few news.
I have passed my probation period and am now permanently working at Blitz. That is until I get kicked out! I still remember a couple months ago when I was fresh out of university and looking for work. I didnt know what would happen, where I would end up or when something will happen! But after wasting time worrying about it I realized there was no good waiting for it to happen to me and I adopted an attitude that I will have to work everyday as if I am employed so that I can keep improving like the people who are in a job already. Most likely I would have to work double the amount they are so that I could level up quicker. It was a tough journey for sure and there are definitely more to come. I had some failures and made mistakes that cost me but as long as I bounced back they dont matter anymore. Actually, the failures helped me to respond in a more positive way and so I try to see a good sign in any failures I make from now on :P I also remember a few years back my ambition of being a concept artist in a computer games studio. At the time it might have seemed beyond me so it is slightly surreal to have ticked that box off and that has given me a bit of encouragement to go set myself more goals and ambitions to meet.
Anyways I should move on to the next couple of news. We are soon to release our latest game Dead to Rights: Retribution this Friday. I didnt work on this but if you want to see what my colleagues have been busying themselves with please check it out and support us :D
Lastly... Me and a few other people from ConceptArt.Org had work featured on IO9 and Super Punch recently for our participation in the CHOW. Here are the links: IO9, Super Punch. There might be another announcement soonish too XD!


hélène leroux said...

hey ben thanks for your comment ! i see you practice a lot !! its really cool (i didnt know you did watercolor i love that : ) hope everything is fine for you !!

Ben Ho said...

Did you not see any of my traditional paints when we were in Bournemouth? Ach anyway there should be more watercolours to come!