22 May 2010

Peter Parr Tribute

This is not the greatest painting in the world. This is just a tribute!

This year my university tutor, the legendary professor Peter Parr, is retiring. He has been the living embodiment of the animation course at the AIB and has been a fantastic tutor for me. I am inspired by this elderly chap who has shown more enthusiasm and energy than all the youths in class. It was really eye opening. He led by example a successful and enjoyable life and career that I can only hope to emulate his achievements. So heres to you PPP for showing us the ways of the bouncing ball, we wave our poorly animated flags at your departure but we look forward to a new chapter for the school you have built a steady foundation on. Happy retirement!

EDIT: Found a link to an article about the man himself with some samples of his work. This guy NEEDS a website to display the trillions of drawings and paintings he has!

EDIT: Apparently some of my blurb here was quoted in a speech delivered to him on the last graduation ceremony he attended as a teacher. But I wasnt credited!!!!!!! Plagiarism lol! :P


Ibrahim Khan said...

you know what parr would really like? one of your traditional style paintings.

Very nice version of Parr though. its NICE.

Ben Ho said...

Im planning to do one if I have time

Grinterloper said...

He was about kicking arse and taking names today. Good ol' Parr always willing to tell you how broken your film is regardless of how much time you have left to fix it.

(genuinely no sarcasm intended)

"TORI CAT" said...

Well said Ben!!
We wave our flags to you Pete,
You will be incrediblely missed, but never ever forgotten!!!
Thank you for all your inspiration and continuing support!!