4 June 2010

The Queen Cantabile

This is a new ChoW piece.... number 200! The topic is Monarch of Music. My direction I was to make it appear somehow a bit related to the courtier I painted for ChoW199 and try to emphasis the royal look about this character. The idea behind this piece is that she is a conductor and with the wave of her baton she can animate and bring to life objects which then forms into her throne and originally some inanimate royal subjects were to be involved (but that got too complicated :P).
I am pleased to have completed this image. At first it was a massive struggle. Sometimes I can have a clear idea of what the painting is going to look like but other times I will be a bit clueless and in this case I was painting as I went. I got the designs for the character in my head but not the illustration... no ideas on the colours, background or lighting and it made this a big battle to paint. At times I was so lost that I considered giving up on this one, the deadline was looming and I was still progressing slowly and spending toooooooo much time and getting no where with this and also got quite ill inbetween! Then with one week left to go I took the plunge and gave this another go and tried a different direction. It meant a lot more work to suddenly change the style but in the end I feel the journey was well worth it! I was doubting myself, thinking Im not consistent enough but I feel triumphant having fought my doubts away!
Other news: Blitz Games has been featured on CGSociety here. For those eagle eyed ones, you might spot me in there somewhere :P Also Annecy is coming very soon and then after that theres another festival Im going to in Bulgaria where my grad film Kung Fu Romance will be screened. So I will be away for quite a while but of course I'll update when Im back!

NOTE: Place holder image. Painting close to completion.
EDIT: Completed. Now off to Annecy!

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Grinterloper said...

Nice to hear a back-story behind a cool piece of concept art. It looks a good piece I was going to comment on a few bits which look like they need polishing but I saw this is a place holder and judging from your other work I know you're good for it.

Good luck out in Bulgaria mate.