13 October 2010

Expose 8

Hey guys! Look what got delivered to the office today! Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Its Ballistic Publishing's Expose 8!!!!! Heres a photo of the cover and the page Im on. A bit bizarre to be next to Andrew Jones there, I remember reading magazines about him, wouldnt have thought Id be opposite his work in a book! He was also someone I looked at whilst creating this artwork so I guess we've come full circle :P It brightened up my already bright day :D
Cheers again to the Ballistic Publishing team! Its an honor! *salute*

EDIT: Special thanks to all my friends and peers who have been a great support :D


Michael Doig said...

That is awesome dude, congrats. Well deserved!

Harry said...

NOW you are bound for ETERNITY!! to embrase android jones face to face, a million time over copy by copy.

So goood!!!

L ROSSI said...


Ems said...