2 October 2010

Tips n Tricks #9: Stamp Brush

Its been a while since I dropped some tips here so lets sort that out. Theres so much to learn in art and its fantastic that we have something like the internet that makes it easier for us to share ideas and help each other to learn. I am always keen to teach and help out where I could because many kind people helped me out and they told me how they were helped by others too so its almost like passing the mantle. Since we are all learning here and always on that road to become the best artist you can be, lets all take up that mantle now and I hope you all learn something and talk to your mates about it so that we can teach each other!
So this time round we have..... stamp brushes!!!!! This is a photoshop brush of a silhouette that you dont paint with but you use to just stamp one single mark on. So here I have a tree brush that I clicked once on the page to make the silhouette, I have it on its own layer and lock it's transparency so that I can paint freely inside it without breaking the shape. And thats as complicated as it gets! In step 3 I actually added a light haze behind the tree to punch out the contrast otherwise it would be lost in the background because of its dark on dark values. Give it a try! Stamp brushes are great for reoccurring objects like plants, buildings or any other objects you can find.

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