17 October 2010

More Skethbook Pages

Havent updated in a while with proper artwork so I thought Id scan some pages in to show you what Ive been doing. I used to be precious about my sketchbooks trying to make each page a pleasing drawing all the time but Im realizing that a sketchbook for me is about making mistakes, learning and experimenting. Its not about making a pretty picture, thats for when I deliberately want to do that. Crammed in these pages are studies from anatomy books, studies of other artists and some of my unreferenced drawings to practice how much I memorized from the studies. There are more pages but these are the ones that looks less like a mess.
All drawn with a leaky ballpoint pen :P I like the marks made by a damaged pen. Some of my anatomy studies are concentrated on one aspect like the hand or the shoulder and peck muscles. Just like in animation, I find it easier to think about one thing at a time.

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