13 December 2010

I Have The Poweeeeeeerrrrrr

For the AIB Jumble blog. Buuuut unfinished!!!!!!! :'( I have actually had one of those moments where Ive been looking at this for too long, without a clear direction of what I wanted to do with the colours and messed around with it too much that I lost some of the motivation for this one. Soooo the plan is to just leave this by the side for a while, let it rest and come back to it fresh in a future date. Painting and drawing isnt always second nature to me, there is still a lot of struggle and problem solving for every piece. I believe its like this for a lot of artists even well established ones too so dont feel bad for hitting one of these snags. We just need to keep ploughing forward, people may not see the amount of effort in clearing the snowy path but they will see the finished result of the clear pavement! ;)


Michael Gardiner said...

hey ben. im really liking this one, but your right it needs more. maybe the pose could be pushed? (more arch in the back, and more emotion in the face he could be shouting in rage?) Not sure of the colour scheme. maybe it could be more dramatic, an intense sunset? reds? firey colours? or maybe more cool and moody? pushing the blues further? loving the rendering of the anatomy though. maybe some foreground element? a rock or something? fog? sword could be being hit by light? more emphasis? a nice shine? just some thoughts really. mike.

Ben Ho said...

Thanks for the feedback dude, some nice ideas there. I'd like to come back to this and work out the colours properly but I need to give this a rest now :P Ive been meaning to give you feedback on your folio too, I havent forgot :P Just got to find the time to do a proper one.

Michael Gardiner said...

cheers dude. havn't spoken 2 u in ages. hope everythings well.
theres a massive improvement in your work which is really nice to see, since you left the AUCB. some top notch character designs in your folio section. some of your anatomy studies are looking really good too. it's clear to see from this last image that it's paying off.