6 December 2010

Special Delivery

Just got this delivered today. Ballistic Publishing Exotique 6 showcases this year's selection of digital character art from both 2d and 3d. Again, I want to thank Paul Hellard and his team at Ballistic Publishing for selecting my work a second time. I hope I can build on this and reach greater heights.

This is the page Im featured on. My painting is the one on the right.

So here are the two Ballistic books I have found myself in. Its quite an odd feeling, hasn't really sunken in yet I dont think. Again, I remember where I came from (learning to paint and facing many failures and struggles) so Im determined to keep that going and I hope you all too XD


L ROSSI said...

I love the 'where I came from' link - it is amazing to see progression.
We don't notice it at the time but looking back, it's evident that each day we get that little bit better (well, hopefully!)
And just think, in another 6 years, you'll be comparing your future work with that which has just been published! :)

rufus blacklock. said...


This is awesome work ben, those shoulders are saucy...