9 January 2011

Lady in Red

First post of the new year! This is something done for the AIB Jumble blog. It is based on a random shape given to us to manipulate. I used this opportunity to experiment with a style, its a nice break for me as I normally aim for a realistic look.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and looking forward to an even better New Year full of creative energy!!!!!! More updates to come... I need to up my productivity :P

In other news: check out this blog Muddy Colors for lots of good art talk and advice from some of the leading sci-fi and fantasy illustrators.

Oh yeah... and this now means I have been at Blitz Games Studio for a year :D


Nubian Greene said...

thats fantastic ben! I really like this.do more like this,screw realism.haha.You've really got the colours down in this one.

(what happened about your cghub miyazaki-ness?lol)

anywho,i'm back in blog land too,lots of arts gunna be posted in 2011 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ben Ho said...

Heh Cheers. We shall see if I do any more like this. In a way Im not sure if I felt like I was painting when I did this cause I used a lot of lasso and gradients.
I decided to scrap my CGHub entry. I realized I hated it lol and thought it wasnt worth finishing. Fail, fail again, fail better!
Nice to see you blogging again, looking forward to see more from you!

Nubian Greene said...

argh I was looking forward to it,fail indeed!


Freckles said...

This makes for a wonderful silhouette. Great work!

Ems said...

good work!
and a happy new year to you too :)
x E

Aquanoctis said...

Wow, this is really nice! The colours are great. Saw it first over at AIB Jumble. Congratz on your first year at Blitz =]

Ben Ho said...

Thanks everyone! Due to the positive response from this I feel this is something I should explore more. Cheers guys!