20 January 2011

WiP: All Our Battles

A wip of what Ive been cooking for the AIB Jumble. Still some more painting to be done on this. I was inspired by Kekai Kotaki's work for this piece and started off in grayscale adding colour by overlay and hard light layers. For more tips on how to colour up a grayscale image check out the idrawgirls blog. I also planned the compotition of this image as if it was a book cover illustration. More details on this piece when its done...

In other news... my Sketchoholic picture below finished runner up! I hope I can do one better next time :D Taking lil steps forward! And the next day I was quite surprised to find myself listed on Parka Blog's Art Blogs of Note. Its all quite flattering stuff but a part of me feels unworthy hahaha. I still feel I have more to offer and developing to do, theres no room for complacency. Since I first started drawing seriously I thought to myself that as long as I am improving and making some progress Im heading in the right direction because I knew that I would not quit drawing and painting... EVER! So lets keep pushing ourselves and appreciate the progress we are making :)


Aquanoctis said...

Wow! Love this! Hadn't even read the text and the first thing I thought when I saw this was Kotaki! Great stuff =]

L ROSSI said...

Strong pose! :)