10 March 2011

Link: Wip #3

Its been a while. Heres some small progress. Just got to render everything out which is the long and probably a bit tedious part since most of the problem solving is done already. And also a sneak peak at another character redesign from the same series. Wanted to get some more dynamic poses in my work (something Im lacking I think) and this particular character was idea for one. The way I start a sketch is to block in a pose in a gestural way and then work the structure (anatomy) back into it. I might do a walkthrough on how I draw in Photoshop one time.


Chris said...

Nice, his hatstrap looks alittle like a green beard tho lol ;P

Sheik's looking awesome already :D
I always thought it was alittle weird that Sheik was a dude in tight spandex and had noticebly male features but he was actually zelda... so does that mean zelda's princess dress was actually the diguise...? I bet link had alot to rethink after that. I found the 'zelda is actually a man' notion really amusing when having another play through.

Sheiks cooler as a girl tho.

Danny said...

Looking Nice Ben, nice rendering on his face, good use of Light. Are you going to render the entire image the same?

Will be nice to see them both finished.

Ben Ho said...

Chris, I guess the disguise was magic hehe. Anyway it made it all the more surprising when you find out who it is. I was kinda split with how to redesign Sheik whether to make her appear as a guy or not. I might try to disguise her more though.
Dan, thanks man. I might have made it too punchy, not too sure if I overdone it. Yeah it will be rendered the same throughout and all the major characters will be rendered to that level. Minor characters might be quicker jobs.

SirOiLaS said...

Hey Ben :)
Although I like what you re doing with Link, I think the girl is really starting nice. I agree with you that this kind of more dynamic poses help a lot bringing some more POWER to the piece. Ps - I think your anatomy is getting better too. ROCK ON!

Twi said...

oh the sketch is awesome!