23 March 2011

Yoshimitsu WIP #1

A few of my colleagues are entering a cg competition on Polycount to redesign a character from a fighting game. The community is primarily a 3d one but I felt too excited by all the talks of what each of us were going to do that I had to go do my own version and not feel so left out :P I picked Yoshimitsu from the Tekken series to redesign. I have also shortlisted Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers and V-13 from Blazblue to do but I might also work on those when this one is finished.

My direction with this version of Yoshimitsu is to reinvent him as an oni but suited up in samurai gear. So the human proportion was ditched for more of an ogre build, looking back at this now I think a part of that is lost under the armor so I will have to tinker with this some more. I elongated the torso and arms to try give it a bulky upper body though it might need to be pushed some more and I think adding more hair/ mane will help and perhaps a little tail too. Also I did plan to add a flaming circle emblem behind his head quite like ones you would find from an oriental statue of a deity.

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