22 October 2009

Study and... a blast from the past!

Another study after Marta Dahlig. I think I learned something from it. Its hard for me to say at this point in time, usually it takes a while to sink in but I feel I picked something up, you'll probably see the rewards later rather than sooner :P I'll have to keep it going!
Today I picked up an old sketchbook from 2006. Had a flick through it and feck! Was I really that crap?!?!?! Its strange seeing those old cruddy drawings now as at the time I didnt think they were that bad. But hey! I found encouragement looking back at them. It took 3 or 4 years to get from that stage (when I was super crap) to now being fairly decent. So it looks like 3 or 4 years had some big improvements so the thought of 3 years time from now makes me wonder how far we can go! I sure hope that I look back 3 years from now and cringe :)

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