12 October 2009

Experimenting + Sketching + Tutorial = :D

Trying out new things. So here is a sketch I tried a few different techniques on. Mostly photoshoppery! Used an old painting as a basis and build on top of it.

Also.... a little tutorial I made for you good people! I hope people find it useful.
Tutorial Link


Harry said...

He's RELENTLESS!! Yea no shortage of update recently, good stuff bob.
Lots of them are looking really strong in thumbnail version, the tones/contrast all there. The woman for example looks great.
Some of them seem to need just a bit more in the closeups/details, and they could be portfolio pieces.
don't stop till you get enough michael

Ben Ho said...

Hehe, good to hear from u Hazza! Surprisingly I haven't had any Relentless these days! Usual stay up late and paint thing hehe, thanks for the feedback bro!

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

This is a fun enviro, and the tutorial is great. In the tutorial, the jump from stage 3 to stage 4 is the most intersting, it really takes on an extra level of coolness in this step. Really nice work all round here!